About Saffron

The families of Taliouine, Morocco have been growing the Saffron Crocus for generations.


Each flower’s stamen yields only 3 threads.


Each must be hand-harvested at the hour of TIFOUT ” the first light of dawn” on the day the flower first opens.

How to use saffron comfortably

Saffron threads release their incredibly potent aroma, flavor, and golden color when steeped in hot water just off the boil.

This infusion is used to dye the robes of monks and yogis, as well as in Ayurveda to boost immunity and treat inflammation. It features in paella, Spain’s most famous and delicate dish.

At weddings in Morocco, saffron replaces mint in the green tea that follows everyday meals.


Our favorite use? Lemonade!

Our friends at World Spice Merchants in Seattle came up with this recipe and we can’t get enough. Instantly makes any event feel fancy and our daughter’s lemonade stands always sell out!